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- Danielle Steel, Bittersweet.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

CCM's Enduring Return

In March 2013, we published the first edition of Complitly Connect Magazine (CCM).

So far, there has been no second edition.
CCM has been on an extended hiatus.

From October 01, 2014, however, CCM is making an enduring return.

It is true that we have in the past had many false starts. It is also true that a lot has changed while we've been away.
That change is essentially what assures us that this time around, we are back for good. Here are some things you need to know outright.

How often will CCM be published and in what format?

Well, there will be a monthly edition on the first of every month. What is worth noting here is that unlike the CCM March 2013 edition, we are publishing entirely on the CCM site and blog. Web-only publishing obviates the need to have a PDF for download here or viewing on Issuu.

In addition, we shall post as follows on the CCM site/blog:
  • A blog post on Monday.
  • A blog post on Wednesday.
  • Podcast of the week every Friday.
  • The Weekend Connection on Saturdays.

What are the Changes to CCM editorial policy?

In the past, articles in CCM had to be original, timely, useful and highly relevant.
We still hold the same ideals, but have since widened the scope so that our copy:
  • has meaning.
  • makes a difference.
  • adds value.
In essence, this means that an article that enlightens should also help you learn something meaningful. An article that is thought-provoking should make you pause and reflect, to a point of effecting positive change in your or another person's life. Ultimately, out content should add value.

Our Niche: A Qualified Audience

As previously stated, our target audience is the 18 to 35 year-old demographic - those who seek to better their lives and positively influence their peers. It goes without saying therefore, that CCM is not for everyone.
Ours is NOT a mass market online magazine covering all manner of life issues. We are writing for a qualified audience.

We have deliberately stayed away from sensual reporting, dwelling on people's private matters and transient fads. We won't cover the shenanigans of "celebrities" or the travesty that politics is. Neither shall we sanitize the vagaries of religion.

CCM will appeal to a highly targeted, niche audience. For this reason, we are not after online hits. Neither shall we submit to corporate interests that may potentially skew our editorial focus or compromise our content.

Reader Engagement

As detailed in our 'Connect Now'  page, sharing your opinion on topical issues published on every monthly edition of CCM or our blog posts is most welcome. We endeavor to shape opinion and elicit divergent views with the aim of enlightening each other through online dialogue.

As a first step, follow CCM on Twitter and connect with us on the CCM Facebook page. In addition, you can subscribe to the feed on the CCM blog to ensure you never miss out on a single site update.
Take time to comment on and share whatever stories and articles you find worth your while.

In addition, we encourage article submissions for publication on the CCM blog or in the CCM monthly editions. There is ample space on CCM online to share worthwhile content with our global audience.

Finally, and equally important, you can share with us on a person who you think we should write about, such as the touching and inspiring story about Lauryn that we published in the CCM March 2013 edition. It may also be an issue you feel needs more in-depth and well-thought-out coverage in CCM.

Please note however, that we reserve the right to decline article submissions or features/stories ideas should we feel that they violate our editorial policy or do not fall within our content guidelines.
Connect Magazine is here to help you connect with what matters to you:

We look forward to hearing from you. Email us at connect@complit.co.ke or reach us through any of our other contacts.