"Never settle for less than your dreams.
Somewhere, sometime, someday, somehow, you'll find them

- Danielle Steel, Bittersweet.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Podcast of the Week - Dr Karl on Triple J

Every Friday, CCM will share with you one podcast from across the web that we consider greatly worthwhile.

This week, our pick is the Dr Karl on Triple J podcast, predicated on a call-in show on Thursday mornings on Triple J radio which is part of the Australian ABC broadcast network.

The show is hosted by Zane Rowe and Doctor Karl Kruszelnicki. Listeners call in, text or tweet their questions on science matters and Dr Karl answers them.
Occasionally, the lively pair is joined by invited guests, the most recent being Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage from Myth Busters.

Listen to the latest episode:

All past episodes are available for download on the Triple J site.