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- Danielle Steel, Bittersweet.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Podcast of the Week - Wired Podcasts

As promised in the last gadget of the week, we are focusing on podcasts from online publishers. These may be audio or video podcasts.

Having started with The Guardian, we now move on to Wired.

Wired is a publishing company that publishes Wired Magazine. It also has an extensive web presence both on Wired.com and Wired.co.uk.
Wired mainly focuses on technology.

Wired UK podcast

To my knowledge, Wired UK has an Wired audio podcast while Wired

Here is the RSS feed for the podcast.

Here are some episodes we recommend you check out :

The right to be forgotten, Kinectless Xbox One, edible insects

Amazon's Fire Phone, ISSpresso machine, emoji

Apple Watch and iPhone 6 tested

Gadget Lab podcast

The Gadget Lab podcast is from Wired.com. A video podcast, its many focus is technological hardware. This is not limited to gizmos but as its tagline shows, event huge engineering hardware counts.

Some of our favorite episodes:

Free Internet Access for Africa and Abuse for Twitter’s CEO

Life Is a Series of Awful Experiences

Smartphones Get Smarter About Spending Your Money