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Monday, October 20, 2014

Gadget of the Week - HTC Desire 700 (CDMA + GSM) Dual SIM

Every Monday on CCM, we present the one gadget we feel has a differentiating or unique feature that accords great benefit to the end user.
This may be a smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, tablet/notebook combo or any other gizmo. It doesn't have to be the newest, priciest or famous gizmo. All it has to do is meet a unique need through innovation.

This week, our gizmo is the HTC Desire 700 smartphone.

It is a 5 inch qHD screen, Android smartphone with a 1.2GHz quad core processor, 8GB internal memory and 1GB RAM. Rear camera is 8MP and front camera 2.1MP. It has FM Radio, HTML5 browser and video recording at 1080p. The battery is a removable Li-Po, 2100mAh.
See full specifications. Detailed specs too, are available on GSMArena.

Where it stands out

 HTC Desire 700 is a dual SIM, dual SIM phone. More interesting, is that SIM 1 is a CDMA/EVDO micro UIM or 3G/GSM micro SIM card. The SIM 2 slot takes a GSM micro SIM card. 

 This phone is a great choice in markets with both CDMA and GSM networks, and it offers the best of both worlds in a single device.
Kenya has all these, and it would be a great choice for those who wish to be reachable both on their personal (read GSM, 07xx..) and business (read CDMA, 020xx..) lines. I am such a person, and this need recently prompted the following tweet: 
This was Orange Kenya's response:
Methinks this is a great opportunity that Telkom / Orange Kenya should seriously consider exploiting. The company has both a HSPA (GSM) and EVDO (CDMA) network that professionals and business people who are highly mobile can use in a single device.
This and other CDMA + GSM mobile devices (including mobile broadband dongles) would be a great value proposition for anyone who may want seamless access to both network types, especially in places where the UMTS/HSPA 3G signal is weak or unavailable.

At a time when mobile subscriber choice is enhanced in Kenya through Thin-SIM, it would be great to have my 020xx.. number on SIM 1, and both 073x.. and 076x.. numbers on SIM 2.

Expert Reviews

The Times of India has an extensive review covering many phone aspects such as design, hardware configuration, performance, software, and camera.
It ends with the following damning verdict:

Desire 700 is one of the few smartphones in the market to offer GSM+CDMA configuration, but it is not the only one. Local manufacturer Micromax has got this need covered with the Canvas Duet 2.

But if GSM+CDMA is not your main concern, then you would be better off without Desire 700. Pick any dual-sim smartphone, preferably Moto G, but definitely don't buy Desire 700. It is simply not worth the money.

You can get better dual-sim smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and Xolo Q3000, at that price. In our view, the price simply does not justify the features in Desire 700's case.

In regard to the design, Phone Arena considers it a "sturdy, elongated phone, with a removable back cover." The display is "fine for the average Joe, but picky users would want better definition." Here is the full review.

User Opinions

These as always, are varied.

On the HTC reviews page, VineethK has this to say:
Body & Style is good, But i'm not satisfied.
The body & style are excellent, battery life is satisfactory, BUT the device is not opt for usage due to some software issues.

kingkhan calls HTC Desire 700 an Amazing phone:
Amazing phone.
Really superb phone, but battery backup is not too good. Expecting more changes in forthcoming updates
This is what Faouzi Abou Haidar feels:
Adorable smartphone.
i bought it for my wife, she is very happy with it, big screen, 8MP camera etc... i do recommend this HTC.

Others are not so impressed:

An anonymous user says this on GSMArena:
I hv been using desire 700 since 6 months... Nd till date i hv found no problem in the phone... Except camera Zoom capacity... Itz very less... Otherwise excellent phone. Itz d first ever phone i hv been using for 6 mnths. Fast, cool look, and nyc sound quality.

This sentiment is from someone who is definitely upset:
Within 10 days of purchase i had to go service center bcoz the sim put in slot one was creating problem. The sound was not clear ,also incoming and outgoing call from this slot last long for few seconds. Service centre expert said that slot one is for CDMA. U have to go for CDMA. When i seen the specs it was not like this. I think one should not go for HTC.

Pricing and Availability

OLX prices for HTC Desire dual SIM range from Ksh 26,000 to Ksh 35,000.

On Jumia, it costs Ksh 31,999. BidorBuy has a similar price.

On Amazon, the phone costs USD 349.99.