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Friday, October 24, 2014

Podcast of the Week - Engadget Podcasts

Throughout October, we are featuring podcasts from online publishers who cut across different areas of interest. In the past, we have shared The Guardian's Tech Weekly and Wired podcasts viz: Gadget Lab and Wired UK podcast.
Today, we head over to AOL's Engadget for our weekly podcast.

The Engadget Podcast

Well, Engadget is all-tech web site that has since been aqcuired by American Online (AOL).
The Engadget podcast essentially curates what you find on the Engadget web site and packages this in MP3 and AAC audio formats.

Some episodes we recommended:

Dr Dre makes 3.2 billion on Apple Inc buying Beats.

The Lenovo Motorola deal.

The Xbox One release.

The best of CES 2014 awards.

The Amazon Fire TV.

The Engadget Eurocast

This is intended for an European audience.
It is mainly presented by Dan, James, Mat, Sharif, Jamie and Steve.

The audio output format is AAC.

Here are some episodes worth checking out:

Samsung device creation is like McDonald's global burger dominance.

HBO - Google UK deal.

Oscar selfies, Bitcoin drama and Facebook drones.

Google Android Wear announcement.

Netflix up, Surface RT down and Ubuntu on the edge.

* * * 

All said and done, here's where you can get all engadget podcasts in one place.