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Friday, October 10, 2014

Podcast of the Week - Tech Weekly on The Guardian

We have in the past month featured podcasts from broadcasters across the world viz: The ABC, KQED and BBC. Here is the weekly podcast archive.
This month, we shall feature podcasts produced by online media outlets. Specifically, online publishers.

Our weekly podcast is Tech Weekly, from The Guardian.

Tech Weekly is a weekly program where the Guardian's tech team discusses news and issues on digital matters. These are drawn from technology, the web, gaming, gadgets, online media, and much more.

Tech Weekly is usually hosted by Aleks Krotoski.Other presenters are Samuel Gibbs, Alex Hern, Jemima Kiss and Charles Arthur.

Aleks is a UK-based, Polish-American broadcaster and journalist. She has also presented programs on BBC 2, BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service.
Aleks has also written a book, Untangling the Web.

Favorite Episodes

The importance of online privacy. [mp3]

Understanding the Internet troll. [mp3] 

Where are the women in tech? [mp3]

What is the UK's 4G spectrum worth? [mp3]

Love and the digital world. [mp3]

Podcast Feeds

These are the Tech Weekly XML. and RSS feeds.
The XML feed has the actual podcasts in mp3 format. The RSS feed has a synopsis of each episode, and a widget to stream audio on the web.