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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Job Interview Tips: Dressing, Cover Letter and Questions to Ask

In our previous Midweek Digest post, we reiterated our commitment to our readers - whether employees or entrepreneurs - with quality content that addresses their unique needs in the workplace.

We shared an info-graphic with some interview tips touching on dressing, non-verbal communication, the top questions you may be asked and common mistakes made by interviewees.

Today's Weekend Connection post is a corollary that offers more interview tips on dressing, plus book recommendations on how to write effective and compeling cover lettersto help you land that interview in the first place.
In addition, what questions to ask once you face the interviewer. It is interesting to note that many candidates take for granted the very importance of asking questions during a job interview.

So, here are the dressing codes for a job interview. This is what to wear on not wear to a job interview:
Courtesy of Rasmussen College.

The next part of our tips is books.
The first is titled 201 Killer Cover Letters, written by Sandra Podesta and Andrea Paxton.

This book is introduced on Google Books as a guide that "provides job seekers with an unbeatable competitive edge by arming them with surefire sample letters for every job-hunting situation" and is available on Amazon.

The other book is 201 Best Questions to ask on Your Interview. It is written by John Kador, who also authored The Manager's Book of Questions.
This book is available on Amazon.

In fact, there is a second edition by the same author that lists 301 questions, also available on Amazon.

There you have it guys. Having read the aforementioned books, they do offer useful tips which will help avoid some of the mistakes many candidates make in interviews. They also offer insights that help keep you ahead of the competition.

* * *

Okay. 201 questions is a whole lot. Alanis Morissette once listed the 21 things she wants in a lover. So, how about asking some 21 questions?