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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Job Interview Tips

Formal Employment is indeed necessary

An avid Connect Magazine reader, who is particularly interested in our Cents and Sense posts, Emailed the other day and asked if we do have a bias towards self employment and running business. Don't we have some insights for the formally employed? This sentiment seems to have been cemented by our most recent Cents and Sense post.
The short answer is that we do recognize entrepreneurship as a tried and tested way to wealth - not just riches - and profound fulfillment in life.

Having watched The Men Who Build America however, we remain alive to the fact that entrepreneurs on their own cannot cut it. As we noted in the aforementioned post, running a business is always better than freelancing. Engaging other people's time and skills (labor) is invariably good for business. In essence, formal employment is a necessary and key ingredient for economic development.
To put it on a light note, the guys in t-shirts do need guys in suits to work for them. And yes, it is true that you can be serious without a suit.

So today, and later this week, we shall focus on the job interview. First off, some things you may not have known about interviews. The questions you may be asked, top common mistakes made in an interview, the impact of your dressing and some ways you can screw up before you utter a single word in an interview.

Here they are, courtesy of Classes and Careers:

(Click on image to enlarge)

Coming up next..

In the next installment, we shall dwell a bit more on the dressing code for job interviews for both men and women and finally, share some two books that are of great help to the consummate job seeker who wants to shine both at writing effective cover letters and asking the right and necessary questions during the job interview.

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