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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Solutions to Family Issues and Ordering Puzzles

We received a small number of answers to last week's Mind Games puzzles.
Sadly, none of them was correct and we have no winners.

The next edition of Mind Games on Connect Magazine will be in early December, so stand by for that.

Here are the solutions:

All in the family

The family consisted of two little girls and a boy, their father and mother, and their father's father and mother.

Father and Sons

Charlie's share falls in through his death, so we have merely to divide the whole 100 acres between Alfie and Ben in the proportion of one-third to one-fourth - that is in the proportion of 4/12 to 3/12, which is the same as four to three (4:3).
Therefore Alfie takes 4/7 of the 100 acres and Ben 3/7.

Bundles of Joy?

It was clearly the intention of the deceased to give the son twice as much as the mother, or the daughter half as much as the mother. Therefore the most equitable division would be that the mother should take 2/7, the son 4/7, and the daughter 1/7.


Here is the solution:

Four letter words

This is how to rearrange:

* * *

Now that we have been sub-dividing 100 acres above, how about what to do in 100 years?