"Never settle for less than your dreams.
Somewhere, sometime, someday, somehow, you'll find them

- Danielle Steel, Bittersweet.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mind Games: Lateral Thinking Exercises

Every first Wednesday of the month, we present some Mind Games in Connect Magazine Midweek Digest. These are basically simple puzzles to help you relax barely a week after receiving your salary, paying house rent and utility bills... I digress.

Looking back at past Mind Games: In September it was mathematical puzzles, October it was time puzzles and in November, family issues.
This month, it'll be good ol' lateral thinking exercises.

As always, be the first with the correct answer to any of the 5 questions below and you win 100 bob worth of airtime. Simply drop us a Facebook message, tweet us or Email connect@complit.co.ke.

So here we go..

1. A man rode into town on Monday. He stayed for three nights and then left on Monday. How come?

2.  How far can a dog run into the woods?

3.  If you put a small coin into a an empty wine bottle and replace the cork, how would you get the coin out of the bottle without taking out the cork or breaking the bottle?

4. Three switches outside a windowless room are connected to three light bulbs inside the room. How can you determine which switch is connected to which bulb if you are only allowed to enter the room once?

5. A table tennis ball fell into a tight deep pipe. The pipe was only a bit wider than the ball, so you can not use your hand. How would you take it out, with no damage?

We shall publish the correct answers and the winners next Wednesday, December 10, 2014 on Connect Magazine Midweek Digest.

* * *

We are celebrating Kenyan music all December on Connect Magazine.
Now looking back, the much celebrated Henrie Mutuku released Nakuhitaji, Manze wa Maana and Usichoke before going into a decade-long hiatus.

She then made a comeback earlier this year.
Here's the song she's arguably best known for - Nakuhitaji. Enjoy :-)