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Somewhere, sometime, someday, somehow, you'll find them

- Danielle Steel, Bittersweet.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Podcast of the Week - Inside Science on BBC Radio 4

December is Science month on Connect Magazine and we started off last week with Science Friday.
Today, we head back to good ol' BBC.

Our weekly podcast is Inside Science on BBC Radio 4.

Hosted by Dr Adam Rutherford, Inside Science is a weekly program which tackles science across a wide variety of disciplines. One good thing is Dr Rutherford's light approach, with witty and often humorous anecdotes both at the start and within the program whose result is a very enjoyable listening experience.

A good example is the ever present reminder that Terms & Conditions of use are available on the BBC Radio 4 web site, something Adam is required to do. All this despite the fact that he has literally NEVER looked at said T&Cs.

Favorite Episodes

Printed meat and lab-grown leather. Download audio (mp3)

The science of ageing, and scientifica authorship. Download audio (mp3)

Stem cell breakthroughs, power from sewage. Download audio (mp3)

Therapeutic hypothermia and American methane crisis. Download audio (mp3)

How sperm recognizes the egg, plus invasive plant & animal species. Download audio (mp3)

Podcast feeds

Episodes are updated weekly and remain available for download indefinitely.
You can subscribe to the Inside Science podcast feed on iTunes, MyYahoo, Zune and RSS.

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Today is Jamhuri Day. This year, it is the 50th anniversary since Kenya became a republic on December 12, 1964.
That calls for a patriotic song to commemorate. Eric Wainaina's Kenya Only would have been a most apt song for the occasion but we featured him just the other day with Twende Twende. So what better person than the late Daudi Kabaka?