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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Video of the Week - S. K. Macharia's Graduation Speeches

This December, we are celebrating Kenyan creative and cultural output on Connect Magazine. We've already set the pace with music by Mejja and Henrie Mutuku.

On Friday, December 05, 2014, the University of Nairobi held its 52nd Graduation Ceremony.
Shortly after 11am, the Chairman of Royal Media Services Ltd, Dr. Samuel Kamau Macharia was conferred with an honorary doctor of letters degree. This was reported on the University of Nairobi Facebook page:

It is at this moment that S.K. Macharia shared his life story with the graduating class of 2014 and invited guests. Here is a snapshot of his background, and there is more of the inspiring life story here.
Some of his remarks were captured in this news report:

His full speech is currently unavailable both on YouTube and on the University of Nairobi's media centre web site. We shall include it the soonest we can get it.

Now, on October 05, 2012, Dr S.K. Macharia was the guest of honor during the 21st graduation ceremony at St Paul University in Limuru. He delivered the keynote speech (commencement address).

This is the entire speech in PDF.

Dr S.K. Macharia's life story is a most interesting one. One can look at it from different perspectives (PDF) but what remains is that he heads a media enterprise whose influence in Kenya cannot be gainsaid.

Congratulations, Dr. S. K. Macharia!

* * *

Back in the day when Radio Citizen and Citizen TV were under intense pressure and unwarranted opposition from the KANU government, Joseph Kamaru hosted a vernacular radio show on Radio Citizen on Sunday mornings. To say that I was impressed by Kamaru's masterly of the Kikuyu language, culture and traditions would be an understatement.

Here he is with one of my favorite tracks, and I've no doubt Dr S. K. Macharia would love it too!