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- Danielle Steel, Bittersweet.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Podcast of the Week - The Engineering Commons Podcast

Last week, we were technically speaking on Connect Magazine..
Engineering is at the heart of the things we use each and every day. Such things as motoring, architecture and construction, manufacturing, aviation are what we are looking at in almost all posts. Software Engineering is also included.

This week, we continue with a podcast from the good people at Engineering Commons.

This podcast is produced twice every month and is presented by Jeff Shelton, Carmen Parisi, Chris Gammell, Brian and Adam. These guys are drawn from several Engineering disciplines such as mechanical, civil, electrical and electronics engineering.
In every episode, the hosts together with invited guests share their knowledge and experiences in the exciting world of engineering and technology.

Favorite Episodes

Should you take up an MBA after an Engineering degree? Download audio (43MB mp3).

What Engineers do. Download audio (45MB mp3).

How to have a success Engineering career. Download audio (33MB mp3).

Talent: Are Engineers born or made? Download audio (33MB mp3).

Women in Engineering. Download audio (33MB mp3).

Podcast feed

The Engineering Commons podcast feed is available both on iTunes and via RSS.

* * *

It has been quite a dry three months in Kenya since 2015 started. The hot, sunny days and lately, windy conditions have been devastating to farmers who grow crops. Rearing animals too gets costly in the dry season, thanks to lack of pasture, reduced water supplies and disease outbreaks.
All is not lost though, and rain will fall soon. It will rain, no doubt about that.