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- Danielle Steel, Bittersweet.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Podcast of the Week - Technically Speaking

The Engineering theme on Connect Magazine this March cuts across all our editions, including the weekly podcast.
To start off, we feature a podcast that is essentially the perfect audio companion for the curious mind that wants to know how things work, willing to dig deep and dirty and brainstorm whenever necessary, in a bid to find solutions to various engineering problems.

Say hello to Technically Speaking!

This is a podcast produced every two weeks by Brachiolope Media Network. The episodes hosts are Jacob and Joe.
Technically Speaking focuses primarily on Engineering and Technology.

The really cool thing about Technically Speaking is the no-holds-barred approach both Jacob and Joe take to the subject under discussion. It thus comes out as laid back, easy and often humorous talk that is at the same time most profound.

Favorite Episodes

Taking a bite out of poaching. Download audio [51MB, mp3].

The Hyperloop. Download audio [56MB, mp3].

Mapping the mid of an Enginner. Download audio [52MB, mp3].

Here comes the sun. Download audio [44MB, mp3].

What would you print? Download audio [48MB, mp3].

Podcast Feed

Here is a listing of past episodes, with synopses that definitely help in picking favorites. This is the RSS feed.

* * *

Technology and related disciplines where the stuff that makes things up is laid bare, where the making of stuff is discussed, always makes for great listening. It is such podcasts where all you want to do is hit the PLAY button and listen attentively until the end. Not of the episode but the entire playlist.

You then take a break as you download more episodes.