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Somewhere, sometime, someday, somehow, you'll find them

- Danielle Steel, Bittersweet.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Is Connect Magazine Really Returning in July?

In June this year we promised Connect Magazine's return, which was scheduled for July 2015. The month of July ends on Friday this week.

The extended hiatus we have had since April 2015 has provided ample time to take another look at Connect Magazine - our then and our now.

Based on a deep understanding of our current realities, we now have clear objectives and are focused on realizing our main goal of making Connect Magazine more informative, relevant and useful to you.

At the heart of Connect Magazine is writing that makes a difference, has meaning and adds value.
Towards this end, we have revised our weekly publishing cycle and added new exciting features as outlined below:


Well researched, insightful writing in tech, business, media, health, energy and telecommunications.

Communication design insights - marketing, branding, advertising, sales, innovation, graphic design, public relations, content marketing, online and digital marketing... 
turing cross-over articles from Complit Design.

Friday - Policy and Ideas.
Saturday - Podcasts of the Week.
Sunday - Video of the Week.

That said, when is Connect Magazine returning?

On Friday, July 31, Connect Magazine will resume regular publishing with our 'Policy & Ideas' Friday Feature. This will be followed by Sights and Sounds over the weekend.
We purpose to get into August with an insightful article titled "The Power of Opinion" on Monday, August 03, 2015.

Join us then and every week thereafter as we help you connect with what matters to you.

* * *

It is a nostalgic return for Connect Magazine later this week. We definitely look forward to happier times and regular updates, since it always is sad and lonesome when away. We purpose to work all day till the sun no longer shines, even put in a hard day's night for you.
Originally done by Roy Orbison, Linda Ronstadt's rendition best brings out the feeling of longing and return, IMHO.