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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Podcasts of the Week: True Crime

There is something about crime that totally baffles me.
You see, crime is abhorrent and should be condemned in all its forms. Any act whose outcome is loss of life, damage to property or bodily harm should at best be discouraged and prevented. When it does happen however, it should be duly reprimanded.

But crime, and especially true crime, does fascinate.
I find that odd.

For years, psychiatrists and other experts have agonized over what exactly goes on inside the deranged and unhinged mind of a criminal. Articles have been written and research carried out.
Factual answers however, remain elusive.

There are podcasts that seek to explore this particular aspect of the human condition.
Admittedly, Serial was quite riveting. But there are other podcasts that dig deeper and explore the motives, evidence, coverups, and myriad other things that constitute the criminal justice process.

This is Criminal

This is an interesting podcast that is all about crime.
The stories are about people who have done wrong, those who have been wronged ...even those who've gotten caught somewhere in the middle.

This is Criminal is pretty interesting. Having listened to a good number of episodes, I did find the following quite intriguing:

Given how much I love books, I found episode 22 interesting. Titled 'Ex Libris', it is about a man who steals high value and rare books from dozens of booksellers. Not violently, but through fraud and forgery. Even harder to fathom is the reason why someone would want to do something like this.

You can download the Ex Libris episode (mp3).

Subscribe to the podcast feed here, in your preferred format be it iTunes, RSS, Stitcher, Overcast etc.

The Mind of a Murderer

This podcast is a part of the Investigation Discovery TV Show
It is presented by Dr Michelle Ward, who is a psychologist and trial consultant.

The Mind of a Murderer features interviews with murderers in an effort to find out why people commit murders.

Of the 6 episodes available on this page, I found the Jason Bohn interview the most disturbing.

This is the RSS feed url to the rest of the episodes.

Sword and Scale

Sword and Scale features both a website and internet radio show that covers the underworld of crime. This includes the demented minds that perform callous criminal acts, the victims and how the criminal justice system responds to these acts.

Whay is I like about the website is the well researched and insightful articles about crime and the criminal justice system. For instance, the first woman in the electric chair, the last executions in Britain, 10 murders that rocked the music industry and more.

These articles on the website and disctinct from what the podcast offers. To me, this is a double dose from Sword and Scale.

So far, there are 50 episodes of the Sword and Scale podcast.
This is the podcast feed url.

I found the second episode quite interesting, as it offered insights into who and what psychopaths are, and what makes them do their disgusting acts. Neuroscientist James Fallon explains the psychopath's mind and there is an interview with Ted Bundy, a most infamous serial killer.

Listen to this episode (pop-up player) or download (mp3).

* * *

Macy Gray in her So is Life album sings about committing a murder that she doesn't feel bad about. Rappers and Hip Hop artists sing about murder all the time. From Dr Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, the late Tupac and Biggie... they all glorify homicide in their music. Even Wyclef Jean's '911' featuring Mary J Blige rides on  the "being shot" metaphor.

But the best songs about killing come from the James Bond movies. And why not, given the licence to kill?But I equally like Sheryl Crow's Tomorrow Never Dies.
Darling I'm killed, I'm in a puddle on the floor, waiting for you to return...