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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Podcasts of the Week - What and How much Food We Eat

Hello and welcome to your weekly dose of podcasts on Connect Magazine.

Well, the first thing you'll note is that we are talking about several, and not just one podcast.
In the past, we highlighted one podcast from one broadcaster or publisher per week, shared links to a few of our favorite episodes in that particular series as well as the podcast feed url where you would subscribe to other episodes.

All the podcasts in a given month were in line with a certain theme. For example, we had a Science theme, Ideas theme, Business theme, Health theme and much more.

Beginning this week, we have altered our approach to what we share.
You see, we have decided to dwell on a certain theme in one week, and provide actual podcast episodes from several publishers that tackle the same

We start with the one thing that fuels our very existence - food.


A lot has been said and written about food. Especially at a time when what is killing  many people is not lack of food, but excessive consumption of food. Specifically, obesity whose main cause is overeating the wrong food.

Obesity is a sensitive subject, and we sadly realize there lacks a politically correct way to talk about the adverse effects of food. We shall therefore let others address the situation, from CBC Radio in Canada, BBC World Service in the UK and ABC Radio in Australia.

Be edified.

Stuffed: Part 1

First broadcast on Ideas, presented by Paul Kennedy on CBC Radio.
Ideas podcast feed.

PHOTO: CBC Radio, Ideas.

This podcast  starts with the observation that it is the amount of food that we eat nowadays, that is largely (forgive the pun) to blame.
The presenter, Jill Eisen then looks back at the historic cause of this overeating.
A surprise for me was the part about a 'no-fat' diet also being a culprit...

Check out the highlights and credits on the Ideas webpage. Listen/stream online or download the episode (mp3).

Stuffed: Part 2

PHOTO: CBC Radio, Ideas

In this second episode of Stuffed, Jill Eisen takes a closer look at what has really changed in the food we eat, to make it near impossible for us to resist overeating.

Read the programme highlights and credits on the Ideas webpage, listen/stream online and download the episode (mp3).


PHOTO: Jane's Healthy Kitchen

First broadcast on Discovery, on BBC World Service.
Program podcast feed.

The fact that fructose is indeed bad for you may come as a surprise to you, given that a whole lot of us have a sweet tooth. But just how bad is fructose? It is good to separate fact from fiction about this apparently bitter-sweet sugar that we find most appealing.

In this Discovery episode on BBC World Service, Dr Mark Porter talks to leading world experts to sift through the evidence in Fructose: The Bitter Sweet Sugar.

See program highlights on the Discovery page, listen online (pop-out player) and download this episode (mp3).

Science vs Sugar:

First broadcast as part of the new science podcasts for on-demand listening on ABC Radio, Australia.
Program podcast feed.

PHOTO: ABC, Radio National

In this episode, journalist Wendy Zukerman asks: "Is sugar really bad for you?"

Listen online or download episode (mp3).

* * *

Okay. There are several factual inaccuracies about food in almost everything you hear about food. All you read, hear or watch should therefore be taken with a grain of salt (another food pun, damn!) The following music video is no exception.
But we can all loosen up a bit when it comes to food.
After all, where would you and I be without food? That said, I need to eat something...