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- Danielle Steel, Bittersweet.

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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Video of the Week - The Truth about Food

Yesterday, we introduced our new podcasts of the week as part of the Sights & Sounds audio and video output on Connect Magazine's Weekend Connection.

We feel that after reading what we write on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the weekend should be left to unwinding. To just listen to or watch interesting and useful stuff.

It was about food yesterday. And so it is even today, we admit to shamelessly being on a roll here...

The Truth about Food

A few years ago, BBC 2 in the UK enlisted 500 volunteers in a sweeping experiment that sought to find out the raw truth about what we eat. This was a real scientific experiment, where the effects of what one eats were examined.

Here is the first episode of The Truth about Food:

The other episodes are available on YouTube as well.

This Series was made up of 6 episodes:
  • How to be healthy
  • How to be sexy
  • How to feed your kids
  • How to be slim
  • How to stay young and beautiful
  • How to be the best

You can watch all the episodes on the BBC site.
There is also a whole lot of clips, taken from the above six episodes that you can watch here.

Here's wishing you a smashing weekend!

* * *

Food does give one a good feeling. That is beyond dispute.
We submit that food should be something that nourishes and keeps us happy, strong and healthy.
That is why it is very important to be aware of what foods will bring out the best of you. It is important to know the truth about food. Only then can food be honestly associated with a good feeling, whatever that means to you. Enjoy!