"Never settle for less than your dreams.
Somewhere, sometime, someday, somehow, you'll find them

- Danielle Steel, Bittersweet.

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First impressions are most lasting.
By advertising in Connect Magazine, you will connect and engage with a targeted, highly qualified niche audience that is best suited for your products and services.

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Your ad will have a global reach on our site, and always links to your homepage, downloadable file, customized landing page or mini-site for greater detail, more engagement and further impact. In addition, we continually promote our content in our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, which guarantees your ad more visibility and for much longer.

Expensive & ineffective advertising
Currently, advertising is very expensive with lack of personalized service from print, broadcast and digital media outlets. It is often splashed to the (widest possible) wrong audience, at times alongside objectionable content, and for a very short period with no guarantee of further promotion unless at additional cost to you.
This is not a win-win situation.

Thankfully, we have come up with a solution.
We place your ad within highly relevant and useful content, and continually promote it on social networks. For display ads, your advert is displayed on every page for as long as you wish. All this to a highly targeted, engaged audience.

Connect Magazine is built on content that adds value. We are NOT a mass-market publication. Our audience is a highly targeted 18-35 year-old demographic with interests, aspirations and issues across telecommunications, technology, entrepreneurship, media, Internet and wireless broadband, social networks, computers and smartphones, healthy living, energy, organic foods, business and personal finance.

It is for a reason that we do not write about politics, religion, sports, fashion, celebrities, gossip and sensational fads.

Affordable, targeted and effective advertising

We accept text link ads, image (GIF, PNG, JPEG) and Flash (SWF) ad formats and have two main advertising options:
  • Native Ads are contextually matched and placed above or within the relevant content. They are therefore displayed only in select pages, but remain on the site forever.
  • Display ads are image ads placed above, surrounding or below our content. All ads are displayed on every page of the site for a minimum 30 days or longer.

To book an ad spot or content partnership package, kindly Email us at connect@complit.co.ke or call the following:
  • Pete on 0725 122450 or 0735 122450
  • Philo on 0720 407157 or 0733 728042


Our advertising packages are most affordable for any budget and display periods. Standard period for display ads is one month (30 days) or longer.

Here are full details Connect Magazine ad sizes and prices.